Saturday, November 16, 2013

Rev Up With Some Sport and Leisure in the Caribbean

Getting some sun, solitude, and going on a historical journey in the Caribbean are part of the agenda of many individuals headed to that great getaway. Besides these three major reasons to hike off to the tropics, an increasing number of people also embark on Caribbean travel for the various sports and leisure opportunities the islands offer. Golf, for instance, which is many individuals' idea of relaxation, and many of the Caribbean getaways - like Jamaica, the Cayman Islands, Aruba, and Curacao, to name a few - offer cutting-edge courses. Golf enthusiasts get to enjoy year-round golf in spectacular courses created by famous architects/designers, while their family members soak in the sights, great food, and sparkling company of the islanders.

Scuba diving and snorkeling are favorite activities of locals and travelers alike. Some of the places for snorkeling fun are Anegada (which means "the sunken island"). This large island of coral and limestone is where underwater adventure-seekers will chance upon one of the largest barrier reefs in the Caribbean. Peter Island Resort also in the British Virgin Islands is a lush mountainous island that provides 1,800 acres for a wide range of activities ranging from snorkeling and beachcombing to yachting. Carriacou and the Bahamas, of course, are other popular places for snorkeling. Couples enjoying their honeymoon or single underwater buffs may also find great snorkeling spots in Antigua, Bonaire, Belize, Venezuela, and Dominica. Not to be missed out are St. Croix Buck Island and Cane Bay; St. Lucia; St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Whatever sport and leisure in the Caribbean suits your fancy, there's a multitude of great places where you can enjoy them to the hilt.

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