Saturday, August 31, 2013

Promotional Products for Travel and Leisure

Choosing promotional products can be tricky for your business. The key however, is to make them as relevant to your business as possible. The next step would be to personalise them to make them not only attractive, but also to define them as representing your company. This can be achieved with a range of printing and design work, aimed to market the product to your target audience.

If your business is involved in the travel and leisure industry, then it goes without saying that you should be searching for relevant products. Thankfully, the market is awash with all kinds of promotional products geared up for every line of industry, large or small.

Travel and leisure encompasses a vast array of products, so you will certainly not be lacking for choice. The one problem will be selecting individual products from such a large list. Even so, having such a range can only be a positive thing.

If your business caters for a type of sport, then you'll find an excellent amount of products and will be pleasantly surprised by what you can make your own and personalise. Just for golf alone, you can purchase tees, golf balls, gloves, ball markers, club covers, pencils, caps, socks and more still.

Other fantastic options in terms of more general travel and leisure would be luggage tags, bank card holders, travel toothbrush, drawstring bags, beach balls, water bottles, travel games, first aid kits, pool inflatables, travel cushions and pocket fans. The list just goes on and on. Take bottles for instance - this is a single item but one that has a hundred variants, shapes, colours and sizes. It is some task to narrow it down to one particular item, but one that will be worth it in the long run.

The vast amount of goods available out there for travel and leisure makes it a very competitive market and so choose wisely before you buy and not act on impulses alone. The cost varies greatly between each item and you want to try and get the best value for money as possible, without losing too much in terms of quality.

By using the best travel and leisure promotional products, displaying them well and having them printed with your company details, you stand a great chance for a successful campaign. Products like those described are a fantastic marketing tool for getting the word out there about your business.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Addictive Art of Travelling and Holidaying

I wish to discuss briefly the thought process behind the decision to go travelling.

First of all, we might have sure preferences, such has the temperature. For many who want a more mild climate, Mid-Europe should be considered.

International locations akin to, Britain, Ireland, France, Germany, Belgium, Northern Italy, and naturally the Scandinavian counties, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Iceland, can all have a most agreeable local weather in the summer months. There is little probability of coming across enormous bugs such as nice furry spiders, as these temperate climates don't assist such species.

Moving further south, nations comparable to Spain, Portugal, Southern Italy, Greece, and Turkey, all enjoy lengthy scorching summers, which many Brits crave for after their lengthy drissly winter and spring. It should be mentioned though, a vacation, or travelling through a sizzling country in summer season just isn't everybody's thought of fun.

Some favor to enjoy walking in the mountains and to breathe the contemporary clear air, while other people could get pleasure from lying on a seashore filled with holiday makers within the full heat of the day within the hope of having a pleasant sun tan, and occasionally going for a dip within the sea to chill down. It is important to be aware that notably for folks not used to the sun, they need to take additional care particularly during the first few days of their holiday.

Sight seeing is another occupation of the traveller, it doesn't matter what the climate. They could wish to visit churches or massive buildings that have been constructed a few years in the past, possibly even prehistoric caves with paintings drawn by our primitive ancestors. No doubt this fashion of traveller wants above all a camera to file the images of splendour that he has witnessed throughout the day. These images can typically be used as a wonderful speaking point at the traveller's dinner events on their return to the homeland.

Many young individuals, these days opt for a barely extra adventurous type of travel. It is comparatively straightforward with the various finances flights obtainable, to seek out oneself in far Japanese countries equivalent to India, Nepal, Vietnam, Cambodia, China, Mongolia, Tibet. These places have a very different tradition to the western world and there's a totally different interest and angle in all facets of each day life and journey by these places.

Some individuals will find this very enriching for the soul or spirit, others may shiver, and rush in direction of the nearest burger stall and Holiday Inn for security. Either way there will probably be a reaction to the experience.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Hotel Reservation Options in New York for Business Travel or Leisure

It's a big island; we're talking Manhattan, the most vibrant of the 5 districts that make up the hustle and bustle of New York City. For many it's home and for many more it's a place you simply must visit. Whether it's necessary for business travel or just for the pleasure, it's a popular destination and one that must definitely be experienced.

Finding the right hotel in Manhattan can be challenging given the sheer number of options. The island hosts everything from 3 star hotels up to some of the greatest 5 star hotels in the world.

For business travelers you may be in a position to afford to stay at one of the many 5 star hotels such as the magnificent Waldorf Astoria, The Plaza or one of the Ritz Carlton hotels situated around the park. There are many 5 star hotels all of which have world-class facilities such as ballrooms, conference rooms and special venues. Most of these are available to be booked, which will be sure to impress your clients or associates if you choose to utilize them on you stay in New York.

When staying in New York as part of you vacation, you'll find any number of great hotels to stay at both 5 star hotels if you can afford, or discount hotels. The important factor to consider when choosing your hotel reservation is what your purpose is when you are visiting Manhattan. If you want to be close to the heart of the action which is the Times Square area and theatre district, you will want to choose a hotel that is close and convenient while still in your price range. In midtown Manhattan is the Sheraton Hotel and Towers, which on 7 th avenue makes it within walking distance of all the bright lights and action. It is also not too far to central park for a relaxing day out.

There are many Brilliant Hotels in New York and finding discount hotel reservation is easy whether for business travel or vacation travel, premiere and discount hotel bookings can be easily be done on the web through many trusted providers.

So go and enjoy it, because it's one of the worlds great cities.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Travel and Tour Tips for Business and Leisure Visitors to China

China is a large country at a size of 9,596,960 sq km. China was only partially open to the world from 1980 onwards and has been a communist country for many decades. Although there is much progress in the travel industry and infrastructure of China, there remain areas that need to be improved before it can match the level that most tourist would require.

However, much of the fun remain that it is different from the rest of the world. China will be the host nation for the Olympics in Year 2008. Travel facilities and infrastructure will be improving quickly as we approach Year 2008.

China is rich in culture and history. Visit the Great Wall of China in Beijing, sip Chinese tea in Xiamen, dance with ethnic tribes in Yunnan, check out 19th Century European buildings in Qingdao - there are just so much to do and see in China!

Below are some travel tips to make your travel in China easier:

Entry Visa

China require entry visa from most countries. Apply at the Chinese consulate or through your travel agent before travelling to China.


Extremely diverse; tropical in south to subarctic in north. Be prepared with the right seasonal clothing.

Foreign Exchange

The unit of currency is known as Renmembi(RMB) or Yuan. Get some Chinese Yuan in your local country before travelling. When in China, exchange foreign currency for local currency in the banks or at the hotel. Banks tend to give slightly better rates than hotels. Take note that some banks close for a noon siesta between 12-2pm.

Payment facilities

Most better class hotels and shopping centres take Credit Card or Travellers cheques. Smaller hotels and shops take cash only. Once out of the bigger cities, credit card and ATM cards tend to be almost impossible to utilize. Cash is still king in Chinese business and trade.

Counterfeit notes are common in China. Check carefully before accepting change, especially if it consists mostly 100RMB notes. You can feel a texture difference where counterfeit notes is concerned.

Understanding of English

Most civil servants, custom officials, police, hotel staff and men in the street do not speak English or at best a smattering of English.

Most signboards and notices will carry both English and Chinese. However, be aware that some translations can be so notorious that one can hardly understand what was it's original Chinese intention.

Do not expect hotels or shops to understand English. Only the very big hotels will have staff that will understand English.

Most young people can understand basic English if you speak slowly.

Social Security

China is generally a safe country. However, hang on tight to your wallet especially in crowded, popular tourist sites in tourist cities such as Beijing and Xian.

These tourist cities also has a lot of touts in the streets touting tourist from currency exchange to jewelleries to female companionships. Avoid at all cost!

Domestic Travel

Bus, train, ferries and domestic flights are quite well developed. Avoid the crowd at the stations and book your tickets through the hotel tour desk or the nearest tour agent. Prices are likely to be competitive and tickets will be delivered to your hotel room. Again, avoid ticket touts who approach you in the streets.

Local buses are cheap (US$0.10 or YS$0.20) and you may want to try out. Taxis are convenient and are available at all hours. Starting fares differ from each city and may be as cheap as US$0.70 in Weihai and US$1.50 in Shenzhen.

Avoid travel in China during peak holiday seasons or book tickets well ahead.

Local Hotels

There is a good choice of hotels in China ranging from one star to the most luxurious 6 stars. Most of the time, the rooms are safe and clean and in my opinion, cheap does not mean bad.

There are many websites selling China hotel rooms on the internet. You can also check out the travel counters which are available in most train, bus stations as well as airport.

Book ahead if travelling in peak seasons.

Peak Tourist Seasons

Chinese New Year: Date varies but generally late January or early February.

May Day: First two weeks of May

China National Day: Middle two weeks of October

Avoid travelling during these period. Book rooms and travel modes way early if need to travel. Believe me, the crowds during these period of time will be scary. What do you expect when the entire Chinese nation of 8 billion people are on holiday as well!

Chinese Food

Local food is absolutely fabulous. Try as much Chinese food as your wallet or stomach can afford. Restaurants are available everywhere and open to late hours. Most restaurants will have a menu that include photographs of the various dishes. Better yet, simply point at the food that your next door table is having, especially if it looks delicious!

However, avoid street side stalls and drinking directly from the taps if you have delicate stomach.


Mobile phone coverage in China is good in most locations. Global auto-roaming within China is not a problem.


There are cyber-cafes everywhere in China, especially in tourist areas. Most are patronised by young people playing online games but you still can check your Hotmail, Yahoo or Gmail. Access may be a bit slow for international websites.

You will need to show your passport as China has tight regulations at Internet Cyber Cafes.

Toilet facilities

One of the worst experience many has with China is the atrocious toilet facilities. Things has improved very much but it may still be a good idea to empty your stomach or bladder at every opportunity in a hotel, restaurant or departmental store. Public toilets and toilets in small shops can be a nose hazard!

* Useful China travel tips *

Try to get a English speaking tour guide at every opportunity you can. China has a rich and wonderful history and culture and without a guide, somehow, the flavour and significance of most tour sites can be lost.

*Sneaky tip: Hang around a group that has a English speaking guide if you cannot afford one!

Always ask for a receipt from a taxi driver so that you can complain if you have been cheated or for tracing purposes if you happen to leave your camera behind in the taxi.

Try to take the namecard for each hotel that you are staying at as these cards will have a Chinese address and the map of your hotel location. This is useful if you need to seek assistance to find your way back as the English version or pronunciation of a hotel or a street name may be quite different from the Chinese version.

After a tiring day, check out Chinese foot reflexology or Chinese TuiNa (Chinese massage). Wonderful for the body after a hard day and very cheap to boot. Simply look out for shop signs that shows two feet! They are everywhere.

Make friends with the Chinese whenever you can. They love to meet foreigners and will make good tour guides. Just buy a small present as a small token of appreciation.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Travel and Leisure Subscription

The time you spend on your vacation should be top quality time. Our holidays are the only times we have for living our dreams to the fullest possibility we are able to reach. That is the reason why the choice of your vacation spot should be made with extreme care. All travel advertisements have something exciting to say about the resorts and the cities that they are promoting but there are three pitfalls you have to watch out for when planning the perfect holiday for yourself.

First, you need to be sure that you are going to get precisely what you have been promised by the media hype. Secondly, you have to avoid spur of the moment enthusiasm which may have you opting for a vacation spot that you won't actually enjoy when you get there, and thirdly, you have to choose the best rates you can avail of in order to maximize the value of your money. In this matter, however, "cheap" doesn't always mean "good." There are low rates for which you will be getting no value for your money. On the other hand, there are higher travel and vacation accommodations that are well worth every cent you will be paying.

The good news is that Travel and Leisure subscription is one well-known, because reliable source of any and all facts that you would want to know about vacation spots. If you don't have a Travel and Leisure subscription yet then you should postpone planning out your vacation until you get your hands on a copy or sign up for a subscription. This travel guide contains the most complete listing of the best known resorts, pleasure palaces and tourist destinations in the world.

What is your priority consideration for your vacation? Is it adventure or culture? Would you like to spend most of the time in a sun-drenched beach or touring national monuments and cultural attractions? Are you agog to see celebrities or just dying to get away from city life? Is affordability of cost you first priority when planning a vacation? Whatever shape your dream vacation comes in, Travel and Leisure subscriptions are your means to finding the spot and touring accommodations to realize it.

The magazine features the latest tourism news and updates from the best vacation spots in the world. The information you will be reading on Travel and Leisure is almost available in real time. You can read about statistics that will inform you about the best and worst airports in the world, the top hotels and accommodations in the country of your choice plus tips on travelling, which are actually published comments and suggestions of their previous customers. If you are a first timer, you will find invaluable advice in the magazine for making your holiday trips safe and easy.

On top of that, you can avail of fantastic discounts, win sweepstakes and avail of promotions from Travel and Leisure subscriptions as well as from the many tourist service outfits worldwide that are affiliated with the magazine. So even before your think of travelling, get your Travel and Leisure subscription first.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Helpful Tips For First Time Users of Motorhomes and Leisure Parks

If you are a first timer in using a motorhome to go on a holiday, here are a few tips that may be useful for you in this new road adventure:

o Find out more information on how to optimize your motorhome. You can do this by searching online for websites and blogs about motorhomes. First hand information from those who have been doing this for a long time is so helpful. You can also ask help from the company you bought the vehicle.

o Familiarize yourself with the components of a motorhome. It is important that you are aware of the external fittings of it. Know where the waste lines and water lines are. Check to see if there are any leaks. Also, ask if the vendors can demonstrate on how to place such external hoses to its necessary fittings. Make sure the written material on how to operate such equipment is placed in a suitable area easy for you to hold and review.

o Plan your trip. You can do this by finding suitable places to visit. Some countries in Europe may have narrow roads and it may be tight for someone driving. There are also nice places to visit that have suitable motorhome parks. Look for popular place for motorhome enthusiasts.

o Make sure that the park has acceptable amenities for you. Going back to the same area isn't adventursome, but you know which parks have what you need. You can easily call beforehand to see if the park has electricity or other amenities that you want. Why stay somewhere that doesn't?

o Drive carefully. The motorhome is more of a bus than a car. In fact it's a bus that carries a home. Driving safely insures that this home is well kept and maintained.

o Don't be afraid to ask people for help. One of the main attractions of motorhome parks is their customer service. Run like a family business, these companies take a long term stance on providing service beyond expectation. It is this dedication to service that increases the intrinsic value of the place. Good motor home parks have this steady and loyal clientele.

Driving a motor home on holiday is an experience everyone should try. Driving at a leisurely place, one can get to truly appreciate instances while traveling. The journey of this type of travel is the interesting bit of experience one must go through in life.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Witness Modern And Ancient Wonders With Egypt Vacation Packages

The monuments and mysteries of this ancient region have survived for thousands of years, and today remain a top destination for travelers. This historic country is a bridge between Africa and the Middle East, and is home to temples, pyramids, and tombs, as well as bustling modern cities. Egypt vacation packages include not only the ancient wonders of the Pharaohs, but also first class resorts, restaurants, and hotels.

It is difficult to see everything that this country offers in one short trip, and first-time visitors often find that group tours can provide the most value. They frequently showcase Egypt vacations that include airfare and ground transportation, and most feature a guide fluent in your own language. Many people feel more comfortable in a group, and a planned tour can fit the most sights into a limited time frame.

There are literally hundreds of packaged Egypt tours to choose from. First time travelers can narrow down those choices with a little preliminary research to find which may be most interesting personally. Knowing the background of these ancient sites makes a visit more enjoyable, and helps bring history to life. The options and styles of tours include combinations of scenic, historic and even luxury vacations.

The Nile River is the lifeblood of this country, and has sustained this region from the beginning. Nile cruises often begins in Cairo with a visit to pyramids at Giza and Saqqara. Some include side-trips to Alexandria, and often to the Abu Simbel Temple in Aswan. From Aswan, luxury cruises explore the Aswan High Dam before arriving in Luxor, and the fabled Valley of the Kings.

The best time to take a Nile cruise is during the winter months, between October and April. Summers in this desert region are uniformly hot, but the most luxurious cruise cabins are like floating hotels, and feature air conditioning as well as private bathrooms. For those seeking a more authentic experience, travel by felluca, or ancient Egyptian sailboat, is recommended.

Visitors often have the choice of continuing overland to the Red Sea, which features the newest resorts along what is becoming known as the Red Sea Riviera. This developing tourist area is home to ultra-modern luxury facilities, and is well known for its world-class snorkeling and diving. These resorts welcome visitors with a wide choice of activities, and can include meals and accommodations.

Prices range from the luxurious to the budget-conscious, but the sights are the same regardless of the cost. Nearly all tours include assistance upon arrival and departure, and air-conditioned transport to and from airports. Personal beverages, tips and other gratuities are usually not included, and any side excursions via air are the traveler's responsibility.

Egypt vacation packages offer something for nearly any traveler. Advanced planning is the best way to ensure seeing all the important sights without wasting any time or expense, and makes selecting the best tour package simpler. Once you have decided which locations must be seen, visit one of many websites that feature Egypt travel packages, and find one that suits your travel budget.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Accommodations in London Relating to the Business and Leisure Traveler

Selecting serviced apartments in London is a good one for both commercial travelers and those travelling for fun. These apartments offer home-like, spacious environments using the full services of a hotel available to them round the clock more often than not. This world-class city of finance, fashion and fun, not surprisingly, offers various types of lodging along with London serviced apartments with a full gamut of hotels, condos, hostels, bed and breakfasts, even private homes available for the discerning guest.

Curious about the funky side of London? You will find many a lodging to your liking here. If you are into rock 'n roll and all the glam that goes along with it, be sure to try the Fashion Rock 'n roll Hotel. If olde England is what you're after, try one of classic British hotels, Claridge's comes to mind instantly for this genre. The 41 Hotel overlooking Buckingham Palace with its sensationally proper afternoon tea is an additional wise choice and puts you right of the center of precisely what is historically London.

The less costly accommodations also abound in London with the famous Generator London Hostel right near the top of the list. This noteworthy hostel of 800 beds can be found near Covent Garden, London City Centre and all the hot spots within city and includes a lot of services, If you had a separate room and bath, you'll swear it absolutely was an expensive hotel anywhere in the world.

Another less expensive approach to take may be a bread and breakfast. Check out the Golden Star Hotel in Victoria if you're after sparse furnishings in a room (that you won't spend lots of time in anyway) close to the tube, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Cathedral and you even get a private bath and continental breakfast.

We simply cannot discuss accommodations in London and not mention one of the grand, old, purely British forms of lodging. A sterling illustration of eccentric hotels is the Fielding Hotel named after the author Henry Fielding who brought to the world the hilarious "Tom Jones." Just like the novel, the hotel is wonderfully eccentric even for London. Expect your quarters to remain cramped, quaint, quirky and utterly fabulous. If you do not agree and dare air your complaints, Smokey the parrot will explain what he thinks of your opinion with some choice British epithets. If you don't stay there, do go to talk to Smokey, an exceptional bird indeed.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Secure Travel - How to Go Places Without Fear

You're going on your dream vacation and, now and then, you feel a little twinge of fear---apprehension of the unknown, fear of thieves, fear for your security. Well, here are some hints that should help to keep you safe on your trip.

1) Bring a small rubber doorstop and wedge it at the base of your hotel room door. Most thieves are not going to slam themselves repeatedly against your door; they'll look for easier pickin's.

2) Many laptop computers get left behind in airports, hotel rooms, etc. Lots of times, staff cannot find out the information needed to return it to you because of passwords and such. So tape a business card onto the cover of your computer. That way, maybe it will be mailed to you.

3) Here are a few cool ideas to protect your wallet. You can fasten a safety pin across your pants pocket on the inside. You can still maneuver your wallet out, but pickpockets won't be able to whisk your wallet into their pocket. Another idea is to place a few dollars and some worthless cards in a dummy wallet. Then if you get mugged, throw the wallet on the ground and run. A third idea is to place your wallet into a waistpack or the front pocket of your clothing.

4) Don't go anywhere with an anonymous someone who wants to direct you to a location. Do not get into a car with an unsolicited guide. Learn the difference between official cabs and phony ones.

5) Never make jokes or comments about fire or a bomb scare. All officials need to hear sometimes is one reference to such things and you can be in big trouble. You may even be confined or arrested. It is not a thing to speak or joke about in public.

6) Do not leave your luggage unattended ever. However, two ideas people use to secure their luggage whether in an unattended vehicle or a public area is use of a bicycle cable and lock or mountaineering carabiners. Fasten them to some stable object. An additional idea is to attach small bells to your belongings that will ring if anyone touches them.

7) Attach items like iPod or digital cameras to your daypack or duffle bag with a lanyard. It's way too easy to leave a restaurant or other establishment quickly and leave such items behind.

8) While walking busy streets or crazy terminals, place a referee's whistle or some other noise-maker around your kids' necks. If they lose you, they can blow the thing. It may annoy a few people, but so what? At least you'll find each other.

9) It's handy for your kid's health to carry a Ziploc bag which contains children's Ibuprofen or aspirin, a thermometer, Benadryl, a few bandaids, and even an antibiotic. It may save you searching for a drug store or pharmacy at midnight.

10) If you're on a cruise, check your cabin life vests, try them on. Take the lifeboat drill seriously and remember the location of your muster and lifeboat station. God forbid that there be a crash, a fire, or whatever, but you need to be ready for such a thing.

One of these ideas can save you a world of hurt and make your vacation all the fun or relaxation it is meant to be. Bon voyage.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Melbourne Australia - Five Free Activities For Budget Travelers and Residents

Indoors, outdoors, or with the kids, there is always something to do in Melbourne. Leisure activities in Australia can quickly become expensive; fortunately, there is also a wealth of no cost attractions. When visiting Melbourne as a budget traveler or as a resident strapped for cash on your day off, these five free things will give you lots to do without spending a cent.

1. National Gallery of Victoria

Housing artifacts from every significant time period in history, the National Gallery of Victoria is one of Australia's finest art collections. There's two locations - The Ian Potter Centre in Federation Square, and National Gallery of Victoria International, just outside the central business district on St. Kilda Road. The museum offers exhibits, talks, live events, and activities - most of which are free of charge. There's even free stuff to do for kids.

2. Cranbourne Gardens @ Royal Botanical Gardens

Stringybark eucalypts,marshlands, bushlands, sculptures made from plants, and more awaits you at one of the world's best botanical gardens. Free tours include audio-guided walking tours and seasonal discovery tours with a live guide. The Royal Botanical Gardens is also home to a variety of wildlife and some threatened plant species, and the Gardens plays a pivotal role in nature preservation and research. This is an ideal place to spend an afternoon with your children or to get away from the city without having to travel at all! Admission to the Cranbourne Gardens is free; there may be an admission charge to enter the Australia Gardens. There's too much going on at this fab destination on to list in just one post, but rest assured, it is possible to spend an entire afternoon here.

3. Carlton Gardens

For an afternoon in the park, visit Carlton Gardens, located on the northern boundary of Melbourne's central business district. Carlton Gardens is a great example of Britain's influence on Australia's early culture; large trees, annual flower beds, and sweeping lawns were typical of the Victorian-era gardening style that dominates many of central Melbourne's parks and gardens. The park is also home to several species of Elm trees that were wiped out by Dutch Elm Disease on other parts of the world. The north end of the park opens up to the Royal Exhibition Building, which housed Australia's first Commonwealth Parliament in 1901. In 2004, The Royal Exhibition Building was the first building in Australia to reach World Heritage status. Pack a lunch and spend an afternoon exploring the park and surrounds.

4. St. Kilda Beach

In the summer months, Melbournians flock to the beaches to escape the heat. St. Kilda Beach is popular with locals and tourists alike. If you're in the mood for a stroll instead of a swim, follow the boardwalk to St. Kilda Pier. Views of Melbourne city and Port Philip Bay provide plenty of opportunity for scenic photos and people watching. If you're a traveler in need of digs, several hostels are located within blocks of the beach.

5. Design your own siteseeing tour

Melbourne is a menagerie of world culture, architecture, and local color. The past, present, and future of the world's most livable city coexist gracefully in the many alley ways and boulevards. There's no shortage of things to see and do in Melbourne. Take in Victorian architecture on Swanston Street, or explore lanes and alleys filled with ethnic shops and graffiti art. Go window shopping on Collins Street, or spend a few of those dollars you saved by visiting the attractions on this list to buy yourself a cuppa from one of Melbourne's famous coffee houses. Whether your taste is cosmopolitan or historic, interactive or introvertive, there is no shortage of attractions to fit your personality. Pull out your Melbourne guidebook, pick a few things you want to see, and plan a walking route. This is also an ideal opportunity to ride Melbourne's iconic (and free!) City Circle tram. It takes about an hour to make the full loop, and you can hop on and off at designated stops as often as you like.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Thailand for Business and Leisure

Thailand is one of the most visited countries in Southeast Asia. Every year, travelers visit this country to explore its wonders and find out what the country can offer. This country is not just a place for doing business; it is also a place where amazing tourist destinations are situated. To know more about this country, read on and find out more.

Thailand - A Short Info

Formerly known as Siam, this country has experienced economic growth since 1980's and is now considered a newly industrialized country. With an area of about 513,000 km2 and a population of about 64 million people, this particular country is home to well-developed infrastructure and strong export industries. The country's economy has grown rapidly due to its export industry which is mainly composed of agricultural commodities, machinery components, and electronic components, and jewelry. The country is also home to tourism, beverages, tobacco, electric appliances, jewelry, textiles and garments, computers and parts, automobile, and furniture industries.

Doing Business in Thailand - What to Do?

With its economic growth for the past few years, doing business in the country can provide your company a wonderful way to achieve success and growth. Many investors have been attracted to invest in the country. With this, you are probably thinking of doing business in the country, may it be for a Thai partnership, a representative office, and other types of business.

Due to copious infrastructure, skilled workforce, and ample support from the government, doing business in the country is suitable for every business. However, if you want to put up your business in the country, you may need legal assistance when it comes to registering your company. A reliable Thai lawyer or foreign attorney can help you get through with it. Whether you want to put up a business in Chiang Mai, Pattaya, or in Bangkok, relying on a reputable lawyer can assist you.

Thailand - Where to Go?

Bangkok - Considered to be the country's capital city, Bangkok is home to about 7,000,000 inhabitants. You may visit Wat Arun, one of the famous and oldest landmarks in the city. If you want to see the famous huge reclining Buddha, take a trip to Wat Po temple.

Chiang Mai - When you visit Thailand, never forget to visit Chiang Mai. Situated more than 700 km northwest of the country's capital city, Chiang Mai is home to a lot of temples. Take a trip to Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep, a famous temple in the city which is about 3, 520 feet above sea level. If you are looking for some adventure, try Chiang Mai Trekking. This type of activity enables you to encounter waterfalls, national parks, bamboo rafting, and caves during your trek.

Pattaya - Home to magnificent beach resorts, the city is situated 165 km southeast of Bangkok. If you want to experience world-class beaches, this city is a good destination.

Indeed, Thailand is a wonderful country to do business while enjoying your stay. The country can provide every business a good atmosphere for growth and prosperity. Not only this, you can also find wonderful destinations in the country.

Friday, August 16, 2013

PC Satellite TV Offers Unique Benefits For Travelers And Sports Enthusiasts

If you like to go camping and RVing, or if you are just a business road warrior, and you own a laptop with Wi-Fi enabled Services then technology has finally caught up with you. There are some new alternatives to TV for vacationers and traveling professionals alike that offer some unique benefits for each category of traveler...but be wary because they also have their share of pitfalls!
By now you've probably seen any number of websites offering PC Satellite TV programs. So just what is PC Satellite TV? Well, PC Satellite TV runs on proprietary software that allows you to tap into some of the latest internet technology to watch thousands of different channels from around the world. PC Satellite TV includes a variety of programming: kid's cartoons, educational documentaries, sports, movies, and even radio stations.
But like everything else, with PC Satellite TV there also comes a dark side to this technology for the consumer: The Internet Scammer.
Let me give you a bit of an idea of what the scam sites had in common:

  • Only a few channels to watch and guess what? They all sucked big time.

  • Pathetic picture quality (The image was so distorted I could hardly see a thing)

  • Links that lead to other sites asking more money for premium channels.

  • No full screen displays only a small 320x150 display.

  • No support whosoever!

And I'm just scratching the surface! I could go on forever exposing how these scam artists are making money from people looking to have a high definition TV on their PC.
Now don't get me wrong, there are a lot of tempting reasons why these programs offer some unique benefits to vacationers who are planning one of those long road trips or the frequent business traveler as well as the Truck Driver. No matter which category of traveler you fall in, this new software offers something special just for you.Benefits Of PC Satellite TV For Truckers:

  • It's a Tax write off - Yep, you Betcha! Didn't know that? Well...with News and Weather Channels this becomes a tool for routing, just like your Satellite Radio, TomTom or GPS Tracking Software.

  • Saves Space - Face it, with such limited space in the sleepers of your trucks, any added storage space, like when you get rid of that bulky TV, is a Godsend! No strapping down or tightening straps to ensure your TV doesn't go flying when you hit a pothole. When you are ready for bed just slip your laptop into its case, roll over and go to sleep. Use the extra space for clothes, food, or DVD's!

  • Saves Money & Pays For Itself! - No more monthly Subscriptions! With the money you save from not paying subscriptions, this is a No Brainer! Just think what you could do with that extra $1000 a year you'll be saving. Now you might even be able to afford that new Connex 4300HP you've had your eye on!

  • Saves Valuable Leisure Time - After 11 hours of driving you don't have to work any longer connecting cables on your truck (with IdleAir) OR at home (with a Slingbox) -Turn on the Laptop at the end of the day and watch your favorite show, or the ball game!

  • Portability - Ever try to watch TV in the Truckstop while you are eating? You can't ever seem to find an open table where you can hear what you are watching. Now you can take your TV into the Truckstop with you and watch it while you are eating dinner too!

  • Value of Versatility - Your laptop can also play music, burn CD's to listen to while you are driving and play DVD MOVIES! Try doing all that with your TV!

Benefits of PC Satellite TV For the Camper or RVer:
Make that long road trip not so long by setting up your Wi-Fi enabled laptop with a DC to AC inverter plugged into a simple cigarette lighter and you have a continuous stream of programming. The cartoon networks are a great feature to keep children occupied, without having to fumble with DVD's.
And if you are a Sports Enthusiast, with PC Satellite TV, you never have to miss a game ever again - no matter if the city you live in isn't broadcasting your favorite team's game, and don't let that fact that the game is blacked out where you are stop you from watching anymore, simply watch it on your PC in digital quality.For the Business Traveler and Trucker alike, this simple entertainment medium becomes a new tool for routing with weather and news channels for up-to-the-minute traffic info and stocks - which also means your PC Satellite TV software can be used as a tax write off!
There are just as many reasons for wanting a PC Satellite TV system as there are scams out there, so when choosing which PC Satellite TV software to buy I recommend using Four Bulletproof Rules of Thumb to Spot a PC Satellite TV Scammer a mile away.

  • Look for a Money Back Guarantee.

  • Look for a Contact Links on the website and test them, because sometimes these links won't even work and are just placed for show to cloak a Scammers activities from unsuspecting consumers.

  • Be sure to use the Contact Links on the website and ask them to clarify their warranty policy for you. If you don't get an answer then more than likely you've got a Scammer. If you do get an answer, great! You now have their warranty policy in black and white linked to their website email address and there's no denying it.

  • Be leery of software packages with subscriptions, more than likely there are any number of channels included with your software that you'll also have to pay extra for and that's on top of what you have already paid for your subscription just to use the software.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Are There Jobs For Graduates in The Travel And Tourism Industry?

The travel and tourism sector is a sector which will always be lucrative. Even in the recession, people need to make time for leisure, travel and fun, even if financial issues mean that the destinations which they chose are slightly different from the ones they used to favour. Thanks to the recession, more and more people are choosing to "holiday at home" to save money, and therefore more and more people are getting to experience the joys which their own country has to offer! Because of this, the tourism industry in this country is offering a lot of jobs for graduates and a lot of great opportunities for those who have studied travel and tourism. There are lots of different types of job available.

What jobs for graduates are available to those who have studied travel and tourism?
Graduates with a degree in travel and tourism may be able to snag a job in a local or regional tourism board, which is specifically designed to be a graduate job. These are jobs for graduates which are design with their needs and the needs of the tourist board in mind. These jobs will help to provide the graduate with on-the-job practical training, as they work. These jobs will more than likely offer the successful candidate a chance to experience a lot of different sectors of the industry, and are great for those who have not decided what area they would like to specialise in.

If you would prefer a "forward-facing" job, where you get to interact with the public, then there are still loads of potential jobs for graduates available in the tourism industry. Many graduates from travel and tourism degrees choose to work on a cruise ship, because this glamorous lifestyle appeals to them. Working on a cruise ship gives those who do the job an opportunity to meet and help lots of new and interesting people, and visit lots of interesting places as well. There are lots of different roles available in the cruise ship industry, including entertainment roles, managerial roles and financial roles.

Taking employment in the adventure tourism section is also something that appeals to a lot of graduates. Adventure tourism is classified as something which is a little bit unusual, and might be outside of the comfort zone of many ordinary tourists. Adventure tourism can include extreme sports, such as bungee jumping, abseiling and white water rafting. Jobs in the adventure tourism industry can take you to all parts of the world, as people travel further and further afield for their next big thrill.

One of the other possible jobs for graduates of a travel and tourism degree is work in a travel agency. Most roles in a travel agency are forward-facing, so give employees the chance to help and interact with customers to help them to create and book their dream holiday. One of the perks of working in a travel agency is that you often get great discounts on your own holiday and travel plans.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Travel and Leisure Resorts

If you are planning to embark on a luxury cruise voyage, then do not hesitate any more. As much as it may look like just an ordinary leisure outing, at the end of it all you will have developed great and lasting friendship with your cruising partners. It is from such friendships that you get to learn very many things that you never knew.

During your journey, you will be overjoyed to spend some time in the travel and leisure resorts which offer marvelous services and delicacies. As you cruise all over the fabulous ports and any other place that the cruise ship sails, you should not be worried of where you will sleep or eat. Almost all travel and leisure resorts operate all day and night long. Other than the mega cruise liners, there also exist a number of various types of ships that are of different sizes. Despite the big craze of travelling in the big ships, the smaller cruise ships are better when it comes to inland waterways navigation. This makes it very simple to view historic landmarks and cities.

Travel and leisure resorts offer some good place to relax after all the day's site seeing and travelling. If you choose to travel on a larger cruise, they organize one or two shore excursions at every port of call. You get to go for one excursion in the morning hours, and the other one in the afternoon then from there you get your time to rest at any of the travel and leisure resorts. After the first excursion, all people gather back at the travel and leisure resorts for a sumptuous lunch buffet.

Although travel and leisure resorts also offer dinner, you might always miss it on the days that you go out for an afternoon excursion and come back late at night or early evening. However, you should not miss out on any adventure just because of one meal or two. The travel and leisure resorts are always open and all of them offer very good and high quality meals. Sometimes, you can even explore the city, an island, town, or other landmarks and tourist attractions on your own provided you get to the ship on time or else, it will sail without you.

Do not forget that your vacation time is limited. You should distribute your time effectively so that you do not spend too much time in the travel and leisure resorts at the expense of shore excursions. The other very important thing that you should not forget to carry with you is the travel guide book. Without this book, you may end up lost or you may never know where certain sites are found. Some travel and leisure resorts have these guides but they cannot allow you to leave with them. Similarly, you can also carry a camera which you will use to take photos and videos. You should therefore make sure that the memory card is big enough to store all those images and videos.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Wine Travels And Tours - The Pastime of the Ages

As history continues to be made each day, leisure activities such as the ones associated with wine travels and tours continue to increase in popularity. These are not the type of activities that came from today's society.

Wine travels and tours were more likely part of medieval society. While the assortments of wines were less prevalent, individuals continued to travel and participate in buying their favorite wines. Numerous people would take tours around the tasting facilities that would create their favorite brew.

Because of this tour tasting, many wine lovers possibly ended their day with a great deal of pain or possibly even death on the field of the jousting. Wine tours and travel is therefore a whimsical term that describes folk's efforts in the eternal hunt for their favorite wine travel and facilities that make it.

The Wine Tour - Selection of Grapes

In truth the best part of wine travels and tours is the wine tasting. That's when you really get to taste the wine that you did all your traveling for. Hopefully this will have been a good experience. Only sometimes, regrettably, the wine that you end up tasting is not worth the travel time.

Then you hope that the other aspects of your wine travels and tours will have prevailed. This elements focuses on the process. Maybe it starts with the selection of grapes, the collection and transportation of them to the processing site. Today, the site is where the majority of the latest technology is being utilized.

Wine Tour Stage 2 - Processing Plant

The processing plant, which is used in many of the larger "jug" wineries is really interesting. If you have an orientation in engineering , it could actually make your wine travels and tours worthwhile. Big, maybe even massive, steel containers for fermentation of wine are seen everywhere in the world.

Thousands of gallons, perhaps more than an average wino consumes on average in their life, surround the enthusiastic tourist. Even if the wine is terrible, it can make the trip worthwhile, and you will continue your wine travels and tours to additional destinations.

Better wine is usually created in small batches and in wooden barrels often with infrastructure that may be less sophisticated, but more rigorous, for the wine maker. As you grow in your wine travels and tours, you will find the wineries that you seek out and the amount and sampling of the wine you consume make the sophistication of the plant seem irreverent.

The Trip Home

All good things must end. Traveling back to your home is the last component of wine travels and tours. This can be either a time of great celebration or total despair.

If you have expended your life savings on travel and participate in wine tours, I hope that you have selected well. It is also hoped that the wine touring project developer who designed your holiday interpreted your needs to your satisfaction.

Nevertheless, a life of wine travels and tours, it kind of like a game of golf. In golf, if you have a good shot you can come right back for more. Based on your experience of wine travels and tours, a single good bottle will allow you to keep the search alive for that one bottle of wine that defines your life.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Lucrative Jobs in Travel and Leisure Industry

After leaving college, all of us when we are in our youth, desire to spread our wings. After spending many years in colleges and universities for education we wish a job that broadens our horizons and give us a more comprehensive viewpoint of life. Travel and leisure industry provides the exact prospects to fulfill our wishes.

Although travel and leisure industry, like all other sectors of the economy, has taken a hit due to recession, it is showing signs of recovery. This industry requires a love for travelling, creativity, excellent communication skills and an ability to understand people and their needs. The benefits of working in this industry are its lucrative pay structure based on performance, wide appeal and a more creative and fulfilling life. So if you are looking to make a career in this evergreen sector, a few career opportunities along with their requirements are mentioned below.

Tour Operations and Escorting Executive - In this position you are responsible for accompanying a group of travelers and ensure that they have a satisfying experience during all points of their tour including travel, stay and during visit to actual destinations. You should have a craving for travel, a good personality, good handling and escorting skills and strong nerves to handle difficult and unpredictable ground condition efficiently. Although some institutes provide specialized courses for this course but often companies looking to recruit a tour operator do not look for specific degrees. However prior experience in similar position is greatly valued.

Travel Writer - In this job you are required to write interestingly and correctly for newspapers, travel magazines, travel guides and travel websites. As most of the time you are writing about an already well travelled and well described destination, it is expected that you provide a fresh approach to them along with interesting anecdotes. As travel writing involves some strenuous journeys, so being well organized and ability to meet strict deadlines under pressure is desirable. You may work as freelance or on a contractual basis. This is a very competitive job so you may need to have basic training in writing as well as travelling. Some large organization while hiring at this position might specify a degree qualification in communication, journalism or English as a basic requirement for the job.

Flight attendants - Here you work for an airline as member of an airline in order to ensure safety and comfort of passengers during flight. You are also required to conduct cabin checks periodically, especially during night flights to check on the passengers, and listen for any unusual noises or situations. For getting this highly lucrative job you are required to undergo a mandatory training by the airline for a duration of six weeks to six months depending on the airline and the country of operation. A pleasing personality and knowledge of additional languages also helps. Some airlines also have a height and weight requirement.

Fitness trainers - As a fitness trainer you are employed by fitness trainers and health clubs to demonstrate various exercises to the clients and help improve their organizing technique. You are also required to motivate and keep a record of the client's exercise regime. As far as qualifications are required you need to have completed your schooling and must have undergone a certification program.

Senior Hotel Staff - whether it be bar manager, maitre'd or general manager of the entire hotel, increasingly Westerners are being attracted to job roles in hotels in places as varied as China and Jamaica! The role will typically involve the same duties as it would in the UK or the US, but the surroundings are usually completely different!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Optimizing Your Travel and Tourism Website

The internet has proven to be an interesting tool for travellers. It has now become extremely easy for internet users to plan and organize business and leisure holidays at a click of a mouse. The internet gives users the freedom to compare rates, get unbiased reviews and make informed decisions on holidays without worrying about being fleeced in foreign countries.

Booking hotels, flight tickets and even visa applications are now easily done through the web. The travel industry can take tremendous advantage of this setting to offer to their audiences a wide choice via engaging websites.

Give Your Audience a Peak into what's Out there

By using interesting design tools and interfaces you can easily create an appealing website for you visitors and give them an opportunity to travel, through your website. Integrating images into your web design is crucial to the success of any travel portal. The use of appealing images is a simple and the most straightforward way to entice visitors to your travel website.

Getting Professional Help

As a travel website it is strongly recommended that you get professional help to apply some interesting effects to your photos to create the best visual appeal. While this may go against most conventional design rules, considering the nature of your website, you could always incorporate some flash photo slideshows which further add to the appeal of the products you are promoting.

Blending Static and Dynamic Design Structures

A quintessential travel website consists of some static structure that is complimented with Flash effects to attract the attention of the target audience. You can also make good use of these dynamic tools to promote specific products and holiday packages on your portal. With modern design technology, you can leverage the use of 3D effects, animations and other graphic elements to exhibit your USP.

Give your target audience an opportunity to go through a mind-blowing journey through the Swiss Alps, the Canadian Rockies or the glaciers of Alaska by making use of these effects and visually enticing the audience.

Incorporate Call to Action Buttons

Do not forget to integrate a call to action feature into your website. Buttons such as 'Book Now!' and 'Compare Prices Now!' will encourage audience members to take actions you intend them to; allowing you to further exemplify the benefits of your products and packages.

Clarity in Information

While you design the content for your travel portal, you need to put yourself into the shoes of your audience and recognize their needs. Most travellers are looking for something new and exciting. Travellers want to make the most of every opportunity to learn new things, and expose themselves to different cultures.

The information that you provide must be able to communicate these facets of travel. Talk about the various activities, things to see, do, and look out for on your time there. Work towards building the excitement of the place you are promoting.

In addition to this, remember to optimize your website and provide easy navigation to facilitate easy decision making and sales conversions.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Fire Pits - Travel and Leisure - Outdoors

Fire - one of the most elemental, fascinating and potent phenomena in the history of mankind. Important for cooking, warmth, creating ceramics, glass; repelling wild animals, clearing fields for agriculture, fire has shaped mankind. However, it can be destructive and terrifying, destroying forests, homes and people.

In today's green-conscious world, safe use of fire in outdoor leisure and travel settings has merited a lot of attention. Misuse of camping fires have caused tragic losses in wildlife, forests, homes and human lives. In some areas, use of open fires is banned completely in recreational areas for fear of wildfires. The use of fire pits can help to make safer use of fire possible. There are two basic types of fire pits - ones that are permanent and sunken into the ground and those that are portable.

The permanent types are great for back yards and patios as property-enhancing features. A pit is dug and lined with heat-retaining stones or bricks which protect the ground below the pit and keep the fire from spreading above ground. The in-place fire pit makes a wonderful focal point for back-yard marshmallow roasts, story-telling, and parties and barbecues. A permanent fire pit can also be piped for natural gas, which gives flexibility in areas where wood burning is prohibited during part of the year.

Portable fire pits can be carried along on family outings and smaller ones can be used virtually anywhere. They burn either wood or charcoal. Most have a metal container of varying shape - round, rectangular or square are most usual - with a screen covering the top to prevent sparks from spreading or flames from escaping. The container is supported by sturdy legs and/or support structures.

Different metals are used. Choices range over shining copper, stainless steel, cast iron and cast aluminum. Some models have wheels on a couple of the legs making it possible to easily relocate. Others are set into a table top and are more furniture-like.

Another type of portable fire pit is the metal or ceramic chiminea. These have a rounded bottom topped by a circular stack of varying height. Wood is put into the bottom through a front opening. Chimineas are a good heat source and small items of food can be cooked over the flames. Many styles are available to match any decor. Family gatherings and outings can be greatly enhanced by the addition of a fire pit.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Bangkok Travel Info

Thailand is a wonderful place to visit. It is also the travel hub of Southeast Asia region. If you have a chance to visit Thailand, you must visit Bangkok. Bangkok is considered to be one of the world's top tourist hotspots. Bangkok is known for traffic jams. Sometime walking is better than taking a taxi or bus. Another good option is the new BTS Sky train. At the end of year 2000, it went into services. You can also take the MRT metro (underground railway) to get around Bangkok.
The temples in Bangkok are very spectacular and beautiful. Wat Phra Kaew is located in the center of Bangkok. It is considered to be the most important Buddhist temple in Bangkok and Thailand.
Bangkok has an amazing nightlife. You can find bars, live music, and even Latin Salsa. If you want to experience nightlife in Bangkok, you must visit Kao San Road. The street is full of great clubs and restaurants.
Bangkok also has a variety of shopping experiences from street markets to malls. The Chatuchak weekend market is known for the largest shopping area in Bangkok. You can also find water markets in the tourist areas. Siam Paragon complex is the biggest shopping mall in Bangkok and South East Asia.
Bangkok has many great hotels. For example, the Peninsula Bangkok recently won Travel and Leisure magazines top hotels list. The Oriental hotel has won world-wide recognition for its magnificent use of land.
If you have a chance to visit Bangkok, you are sure to come back.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Top 5 Cities For Combining Business Travel and Leisure Time

With regard to the business traveller, there's nothing more painful than remaining trapped in a fabulous city with nothing to enjoy once that working day has finished. Below are several ideas for prime spots like London, Paris, New York, San Francisco and Dubai.

  • When it comes to London, The Parkcity is without a doubt a great place to sleep in, having simple and easy connection to Gatwick and Heathrow airports by way of Underground and train links. Set within exclusive Chelsea and Kensington, the Parkcity is close to stores, museums and galleries along with recreational areas in addition to their Ruby's Cocktail and Piano Bar is definitely an incredible spot to enjoy non-working hours.
  • Combining business together with pleasure is actually New York specifics. The AKA offers roomy apartment-style accommodation in the very center of New york city. Merely one or two steps from Times Square, this hotel is certainly perfectly situated for seeing a Broadway show in addition to gifts hunting or perhaps making the most of a massive choice of eating places.
  • Indulged for ideas in Paris? The Plaza Tour Eiffel Hotel is located on the Trocadero metro line with accessibility to most points of interest by means of Parisian tube lines 6 or 9, as well as offering wifi access and a small business hub.
  • If going to Dubai, the Riches playground, The Fairmont Dubai is situated in the particular economic area. The hotel is near to the old town and the man-made area of Palm Jumeirah. Offering 10 restaurants and cafes, you probably won't want to stay in your own room.
  • San Francisco is a well-known platform for a lot of businesses. Just a stone's throw from Silicon Valley, the corporate traveler can easily enjoy in one of the many well-known San Francisco landmark hotels. The Westin St Francis is located in the center of Union Square with stores, restaurants nearby and conference facilities conveniently nearby.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Penang Business Travel Leisure Guide

- When you land at the airport, go to the Taxi counter to purchase the ticket for the taxi queue outside. It costs RM38 to go to the Georgetown area (Evergreen, Traders and G hotels)
- Taxis around Penang are pricey and they will not use the meter. It is pretty standard prices although some drivers may be open to negotiate if you agree to regular pick up. I usually take the hotel shuttle to office but have the same driver pick me up everyday from office at 5pm. It costs 30 ringgit to the Traders hotel from my office in Bayan Lepas industrial areal. One way from Georgetown hotels to Kulim industrial park is about 70 to 90 ringgit. If you are commuting to Kulim daily from a Georgetown hotel, you definitely want to make arrangements with a cabby rather than try to call a cab from office on the way home.
- During rush hour, expect to spend 30 min to/from island and mainland. The ride over the bridge and Kulim may run an hour.

All these hotels have shuttle service to offices in Bayan Lepas industrial park in the mornings.
- Equatorial Hotel, most expensive and most isolated of the hotels. This is a very old hotel and I have chosen not to stay here because it seems to be such an inconvenient place to stay so I will leave it for someone else to chat about.
- Trader's Hotel, this use to be the old Shangri La hotel and although it is been remodeled, and still very much the same hotel. Plus: Good business hotel with a strong free internet connection, good variety for the free breakfast buffet, comfortable rooms with everything in working order, good grocery store located in the nearby Grand Plaza mall (basement). Minus: No decent restaurants nearby (good hawker stands on Lorong Baru, a 5-10 min walk from the hotel, closed on Wed.), there are some mediocre restaurants in the mall behind the hotel (there is a Starbucks in Prangin Mall behind the hotel)
- G Hotel, this is a fairly new hotel but the paint is a already fading in some of the rooms. This is a really popular hotel so it books up quickly. The real draw of this hotel is location right next to the upscale Gurney Plaza. They have made some improvements like bolstering their internet. Plus: Free breakfast and internet, they will give you a ocean view room if available and you ask for it, very nice gym overlooking the ocean, very stylish pool area. Minus: Not enough electrical plugs in the room, no clock, there is no phone on the desk where the cable connection is but you just need to move it yourself, dim lighting in the bathroom, some of the rooms have major plumbing problems (my carpet was soaked because of leaky plumbing; more than one room I stayed in had this problem) basically it seems like this hotel was put up in a hurry with little attention to quality control.
- Evergreen Hotel, Decent cheap hotel, 20 min walk (or 10 Ringitt taxi ride) from Gurney Plaza. Plus: free internet, good business rooms, nearby hotel has Starbucks and some decent restaurants (Nasi Kandar is very good). Minus: corporate rate would not get you an ocean view, breakfast is not free and was not very flavorful.

- Secret Recipe has great desserts but mediocre food, Sushi King has terrible Japanese food, Nasi Kandar has great flavorful curry, the Japanese restaurant at the G hotel is very authentic and tasty, the Food Loft in Gurney Plaza has a nice selection of international dishes (I recommend the salmon and snow fish in the American section), there is a Chili's next to the G Hotel that has really good cheeseburgers (which is a treat after 3 weeks in Asia). There are a lot of places that have all you can eat seafood; many of the hotels do and so does a restaurant called Tao's (great butterfish).
- My favorite hawker stand is located in downtown Georgetown on Lorong Baru. The best Char Koay Teow stand you can find in island. There are hawker stands everywhere in Georgetown, Bayan Lepas, Batu Ferringi, and almost every places you hang out in the island you can find any hawker food around.
- The satay beef and chicken from the hawker stand, near McDonalds, on Gurney Drive is a good choice for trying PG street food. Satay is charcoal grilled, bite sized, skewered meat served with peanut sauce. A meal of 20 skewers will cost $3

-Langkawi Coral reef snorkling is the best daytrip under $100. The package includes hotel pickup and a 2 hour high speed boat ride to and from an unforgettable underwater experience. The shaded snorkeling platform is located in the pristine waters of Pulau Payar, a few feet above one of world's most spectacular coral gardens. Groupers, Barracuda, and parrotfish are some of the 100s of fish that school around the platform. The sea platform includes an underwater observatory, snorkeling equipment and diving facilities.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Travel Agent Jobs - The Search Continues

Searching for travel agent jobs is relatively easy. Even though recent years have seen global economic problems, the travel and leisure industry has stayed relatively buoyant, and it continues to offer opportunities for working in travel and achieving good career progression over time. You may see job advertisements in the local press, on the Internet or your local job centre.

Yet, although spotting advertisements and vacancies is not necessarily difficult, progressing towards securing a job in a travel agent may require a little more thought and preparation.

It is still possible to obtain travel agent jobs without having formal academic qualifications, however, it is getting harder. In general, people will tend to be looking for at least some basic academic foundation at GCSE level.

It will be particularly important that you have a good grasp of geography and the English language. You must be able to communicate well, both verbally and in writing, including the use of grammatically correct English. You will be required to be reasonably numerate, as travel agent operations frequently include the manipulation of money, rates and discounts.

Some colleges and universities run courses or degrees in various aspects of the travel and leisure industries (e.g. BTEC / HNC). Holding a qualification of this nature would certainly help your cause when you are trying to secure travel agent jobs. Some travel agents may be prepared to assist you in follow-up training while working for them, and they may send you on specialist IATA (International Air Transport Association) courses on specific subjects.

One of the things you will need to have, as an innate ability, is an aptitude for dealing with people and empathising with their situation. People that are travelling, be it for business or pleasure, can be under severe stress and they will expect exemplary service in such situations. You will therefore need to be calm and effective under pressure and not someone that is inclined to get easily 'rattled', aggressive or confrontational.

One of the things that can help make a success of any travel agency is a perception of professionalism. Your customers expect you to maintain the highest professional standards, given that important aspects of their holiday or business arrangements may be in your hands.

It is therefore important that you are capable of both looking and sounding professional in everything you do. That obviously implies certain demands relating to your appearance, personal attitude, work ethic and inter-personal skills.

The business of securing an interview and eventually obtaining a position is outside the scope of this brief article. Just remember that your initial application and CV must communicate the right messages at the outset or you may never even get that first interview.

Travel agent jobs can be highly stimulating and very rewarding. Good luck with your search!