Friday, January 17, 2014

Travel Like a Millionaire and Make Money Like One Too

I am what is known as a "Canadian Snowbird." During the winter months, I take my family to warm climate destinations for 2-3 weeks some time between February and April. These destinations are Mexico, Caribbean, Florida, California, South Africa, southern Spain on the Mediterranean.

A number of years ago, I was pitched a timeshare presentation at a resort I was staying at in Orlando. It was first offered to me for $19,000. By the 10th time I said "No," and with the sales manager now at our table, there was an offer to purchase it for $9,500 USD, with $500 per year maintenance fee. What did I get? One week per year with a floating week at a 5 star 2 bedroom condo. Now, it was a nice resort. Very nice. It was a 5 Star Resort.

I had some personal stuff happening in my life, and for 3 years, I never used the time share. But, I still had to pay the $500 per year maintenance fee. I could have rented my week, but I didn't really know how to do that. That is a huge disadvantage. Sure, I can bank my weeks, but I can only do this for a couple of years. I have 3 weeks in the bank right now, but I don't get any more than that if I don't use my timeshare.

I then discovered a wonderful Membership with Global Resorts Network (GRN), and I purchased it for a number of reasons.

1. I still own my timeshare, but I can rent my week out for $500 (the same price as my maintenance fee) to Global Resorts Network, which in turn puts my timeshare into their registry of resorts available to people to rent. When I did this, it was no time at all that I rented out my timeshare, and re-couped the price of my maintenance fee. I didn't have to pay for advertising, or putting it in the newspaper classified section. It was free.

2. Global Resorts Network has over 5000 resorts to choose from. This is huge. With my timeshare, I was limited. I could swap with RCI, but again..that was an additional expense to be involved with RCI. With Global Resorts Network, there are NO additional fee's, no maintenance fee's. It is a one-time membership fee. And, you get to Will it to your estate as the membership lasts for 100 years. This is incredible.

3. I get to rent my timeshare for the price of my maintenance fee ($500), and then I get to pick a resort out of 5000 4 and 5 star resorts world wide.

4. Okay, but how much will you pay at one of these 4 & 5 star 5000 resorts? For a 7 night stay, you pay as little as $298, and never more than $699, except for really hot spots like Hawaii, and with those, your guaranteed never to pay more than $799 for a week.

5. Right now, with GRN there is a 3 bdrm for rent at Timber Run Condominiums in Colorado from March 22-29th, right on the ski slopes. It rents for $799 with GRN. Do a search at on those dates, and you'll see that it costs $3,400 everywhere else. That is a $2,600 savings. HUGE. I mean, a 3 brdm condo in the Colorado rockies for $799 for 7 nights. Jeepers, with that size condo, bring your friends and extended family too.....

6. Okay, what is the price of a one time GRN membership? Are you sitting down?

ONLY $2,995. Not the cost of a $10-$20,000 timeshare with all of its restrictions.

Here is where it gets really good.

You can refer people to purchase a GRN membership, and for everyone that you refer and they make a purchase, you make $1,000.

Are you sitting down still? Good, because it gets better.

You also make a $1,000 every time this person who bought one from you turns around and refers a person who purchases a lifetime membership. I get a $1,000 for doing nothing. This is called "passive income."


I bought myself a domain name ($6.99 per), and with free website development software called Nvu, I made a simple website. I write a few articles, and do some free classifieds and I've made a ton of money.

Happy Traveling.

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