Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Secure Travel - How to Go Places Without Fear

You're going on your dream vacation and, now and then, you feel a little twinge of fear---apprehension of the unknown, fear of thieves, fear for your security. Well, here are some hints that should help to keep you safe on your trip.

1) Bring a small rubber doorstop and wedge it at the base of your hotel room door. Most thieves are not going to slam themselves repeatedly against your door; they'll look for easier pickin's.

2) Many laptop computers get left behind in airports, hotel rooms, etc. Lots of times, staff cannot find out the information needed to return it to you because of passwords and such. So tape a business card onto the cover of your computer. That way, maybe it will be mailed to you.

3) Here are a few cool ideas to protect your wallet. You can fasten a safety pin across your pants pocket on the inside. You can still maneuver your wallet out, but pickpockets won't be able to whisk your wallet into their pocket. Another idea is to place a few dollars and some worthless cards in a dummy wallet. Then if you get mugged, throw the wallet on the ground and run. A third idea is to place your wallet into a waistpack or the front pocket of your clothing.

4) Don't go anywhere with an anonymous someone who wants to direct you to a location. Do not get into a car with an unsolicited guide. Learn the difference between official cabs and phony ones.

5) Never make jokes or comments about fire or a bomb scare. All officials need to hear sometimes is one reference to such things and you can be in big trouble. You may even be confined or arrested. It is not a thing to speak or joke about in public.

6) Do not leave your luggage unattended ever. However, two ideas people use to secure their luggage whether in an unattended vehicle or a public area is use of a bicycle cable and lock or mountaineering carabiners. Fasten them to some stable object. An additional idea is to attach small bells to your belongings that will ring if anyone touches them.

7) Attach items like iPod or digital cameras to your daypack or duffle bag with a lanyard. It's way too easy to leave a restaurant or other establishment quickly and leave such items behind.

8) While walking busy streets or crazy terminals, place a referee's whistle or some other noise-maker around your kids' necks. If they lose you, they can blow the thing. It may annoy a few people, but so what? At least you'll find each other.

9) It's handy for your kid's health to carry a Ziploc bag which contains children's Ibuprofen or aspirin, a thermometer, Benadryl, a few bandaids, and even an antibiotic. It may save you searching for a drug store or pharmacy at midnight.

10) If you're on a cruise, check your cabin life vests, try them on. Take the lifeboat drill seriously and remember the location of your muster and lifeboat station. God forbid that there be a crash, a fire, or whatever, but you need to be ready for such a thing.

One of these ideas can save you a world of hurt and make your vacation all the fun or relaxation it is meant to be. Bon voyage.

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