Thursday, August 22, 2013

Accommodations in London Relating to the Business and Leisure Traveler

Selecting serviced apartments in London is a good one for both commercial travelers and those travelling for fun. These apartments offer home-like, spacious environments using the full services of a hotel available to them round the clock more often than not. This world-class city of finance, fashion and fun, not surprisingly, offers various types of lodging along with London serviced apartments with a full gamut of hotels, condos, hostels, bed and breakfasts, even private homes available for the discerning guest.

Curious about the funky side of London? You will find many a lodging to your liking here. If you are into rock 'n roll and all the glam that goes along with it, be sure to try the Fashion Rock 'n roll Hotel. If olde England is what you're after, try one of classic British hotels, Claridge's comes to mind instantly for this genre. The 41 Hotel overlooking Buckingham Palace with its sensationally proper afternoon tea is an additional wise choice and puts you right of the center of precisely what is historically London.

The less costly accommodations also abound in London with the famous Generator London Hostel right near the top of the list. This noteworthy hostel of 800 beds can be found near Covent Garden, London City Centre and all the hot spots within city and includes a lot of services, If you had a separate room and bath, you'll swear it absolutely was an expensive hotel anywhere in the world.

Another less expensive approach to take may be a bread and breakfast. Check out the Golden Star Hotel in Victoria if you're after sparse furnishings in a room (that you won't spend lots of time in anyway) close to the tube, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Cathedral and you even get a private bath and continental breakfast.

We simply cannot discuss accommodations in London and not mention one of the grand, old, purely British forms of lodging. A sterling illustration of eccentric hotels is the Fielding Hotel named after the author Henry Fielding who brought to the world the hilarious "Tom Jones." Just like the novel, the hotel is wonderfully eccentric even for London. Expect your quarters to remain cramped, quaint, quirky and utterly fabulous. If you do not agree and dare air your complaints, Smokey the parrot will explain what he thinks of your opinion with some choice British epithets. If you don't stay there, do go to talk to Smokey, an exceptional bird indeed.

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