Sunday, March 9, 2014

Branson Group Travel Guide

Branson is known as the Live Entertainment Capital of the World and boasts 49 live performance theaters performing 120 shows a day. With a reputation built on love of God and Country, this all-American town of just over 6,000 dazzles tourists each year with its brand of music, humor and "down home" appeal.

Visitors typically spend 3-4 days in town, sometimes seeing as many as eight shows during their trip. Since there is no airport in town, many elect to drive in and get around on the motorcoach. Having that isolation has done nothing to hurt the success of the city, though. In fact, many choose to include day trips to Springfield and other nearby destinations in their trip, which helps the surrounding communities' economies as well.

During the Civil War, the area surrounding Branson was considered a no-man's-land. Lacking law and any men to enforce it, women and families were terrorized and attacked by bushwhackers, men who would rape the women and then pillage the house for food, supplies and valuables. In 1865, what is generally considered to be the very first street shootout occurred in nearby Springfield, when Wild Bill Hickock killed a man named David Tutt in a quarrel over a watch.

Being 35 miles from the nearest airport, Branson is best traveled by car or motorcoach. No need to rent an extra one, though, as you'll more than likely already have it.Branson did just get a new bus system in the city, with three routes, one each for shows, attractions and shopping. This development has made it easier for group members who want to want to spend some alone time to check out something not featured on the tour.

Open to the public since 1986, Stone Hill Winery is the oldest and most awarded winery in Missouri. A guided tour for groups is given to explain the step-by-step winemaking process. Groups can finish off the day by tasting the award winning wines and juices. The winery, in true Branson-fashion, is all about entertainment, providing customers the most educational and fun tour of any winery found in Missouri.

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