Monday, March 17, 2014

Cutting International Roaming Costs - For Business and Leisure Travelers

Mobile Phones are extremely convenient. This is undeniable. You can use them in your own country, and take them overseas when you travel. The only problem is that international roaming can sometimes be prohibitively expensive, often unexpectedly so. Despite this, there are ways you can reduce your costs whilst traveling. You can:

  1. Buy a Prepaid SIM in the country you are visiting- With a prepaid SIM from the country you are traveling to, you do not have to worry about International Roaming costs, or paying to receive calls. The only downside of a country specific SIM card is that your number changes on each and every country that you visit.
  2. Buy an International Phone Card- These cards give you EXTREMELY cheap rates from landlines for you to call home and are a great way to keep in touch with friends and family. The only problem with them is that it doesn't make it easy for people to contact you as you may not always be in the same hotel room with the same contact landline.
  3. Use email- Email is great if you are near an internet café, or if there is internet access in your hotel- in some cases you can keep in contact with people for free. The only downside of email is it is not instantaneous contact. You will not get any messages for you until you check your inbox.
  4. Get yourself an International SIM card- This is probably your best option for cheap and convenient telecommunications services whilst you are traveling. The right card means you won't pay incoming roaming costs in many of the countries you are traveling to. Overall, you are also looking at savings of between 60-90%. There is no downside to one of these (unless you aren't in the mood to be contacted) as people will always be able to reach you and you will always be able to reach them.

There are many ways you can reduce your telecommunications costs whilst traveling but, as we have seen, an International SIM Card is your best option.

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