Monday, March 3, 2014

The Benefits of Travel Clubs

Timeshares might have good plans, but are you aware of all their benefits or limitations?

The first thing you need is to see if the membership is affordable to you. Some clubs have a great variety of locations, resorts and packages, but is their cost within your price range? Does it charge you for maintenance and other fees? Timeshare payments (minus fees) can go up as high as $10,000, while some clubs offer discounts as low as 80% in savings. Also, unlike Timeshare, some clubs do not charge you for maintenance fees, and have a lower upfront payment.

The second thing you need to be aware of is limitations. While timeshare has many limitations, such as number of weeks available, travel dates, etc., many clubs and memberships have no such limitations. Some clubs even offer extra bonuses such as guest weeks that you can give away to relatives or close friends, at no extra cost.

One last thing to be aware of is the reliability of timeshares. Many timeshare sellers will promise guaranteed lowest price travel along with large savings and rebates on travel arrangements if you purchase a membership. Membership in the club is said to also include access to vacation condos at a reduced rate and special packaged trips and/or cruises. In reality, they fail to: make requested travel arrangements; obtain the lowest price; honor their cancellation policy; deliver on promises that you would save thousands of dollars in airfare and other travel expenses; or disclose that flights will be canceled unless 50% of each charter flight is booked in advance. Timeshares can also be time consuming, promising to take only about 60 minutes of your time, when in reality they can exceed to up to 3 hours. Another disadvantage is the fact that if you do not use your timeshare, you will have to pay the high maintenance fees that come with it. Make your own research to find the pros and cons of timeshare more fully.

On the other hand, travel club memberships can offer you flexibility (the ability to travel whenever you want, without restrictions), unlimited destinations (you can choose over 5000 destinations worldwide), user friendly options ( with the latest technology available to avoid fraud), the best savings in car rental, airfare and hotels, great deals in cruises, special deals where you can save even more, hot weeks available all year long, and many more benefits.

Such travel global resorts clubs can be found now in network marketing. They prides themselves on a commitment to superior service, quality, and integrity, the cornerstones on which they have built their success. Even 21 year Industry Leaders have new affiliate marketing divisions which recently opened. Your exclusive membership gives you access to premier accommodations globally, year round! Their leadership and staff are among the most experienced in the travel industry. With membership you and your loved ones will have the benefit of accessing this unparalleled depth of travel industry knowledge and expertise.

I hope this article helps you make the right choice at the time of choosing between a timeshare and a travel club. Thank you for your time and have a safe trip.

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