Friday, December 20, 2013

Holiday & Travel Guide For Skiathos, Greece


The picturesque island of Skiathos is beautiful and ideal for those wanting to just relax on the beach or leisurely take in the few historical sights the island has to offer. The best way to view the island is by foot or bicycle, there are many walks and trails all over the island with some delightful panoramic views, but if your mobility is limited then hiring a car is a must. With lots of monasteries and churches to view dotted all around the island, you won't want to miss them. The island is extremely picturesque and has some great photo opportunities. Bourtzi has a wonderful harbour with ancient ruins of a fortress dating back to around the 12th century; it's the ideal place to sit having a meal and watch the small fishing boats come in. Public transport is very reliable, with regular buses taking you to the popular places on the island, or you could perhaps hire a boat and do some island hopping, or if your budget can stretch to it, charter a yacht.


Skiathos is a traditional island serving mostly Greek cuisine and there is a lot of choice, with many restaurants and tavernas all over the island and a wider choice in Skiathos town. You will be sure to find something to suit your palette. The prices are very reasonable in a lot of the restaurants, they will suit most people's budgets, but there are restaurants that are overpriced so make sure you shop around a little before you decide on where to eat. The most popular meal on the island is lobster and taramasalata which is made from mullet roe, with delicious tasting casseroled dishes readily available too. There is a wide choice of pastries on the island that are extremely nice, you will probably leave Skiathos a few pounds heavier than you arrived, the Greek yogurts are very tasty too. Wine is very affordable so enjoy a glass or two along with your meals throughout the day.


Skiathos town does have a reasonable amount of shops to visit, with some small boutiques selling designer clothing and some attractive pieces of jewellery. It's not really a shopper's heaven resort, but it's more than adequate for you to purchase gifts and souvenirs as well as some very nice beach wear.


This is what you come to Skiathos for; the beaches. They are magnificent beautiful long stretches of white sands with warm waters to swim in. Water sports are available on most of the beaches, with the usual jet skiing and boats to hire, but mostly this is a sun lovers heaven, with plenty of sun loungers available to hire on the more popular beaches. If you have hired a car or fancy a leisurely walk you will also be sure to find some smaller and more secluded beaches. The heat reaches its 30's in the summer months and the rest of the year it is still pleasant enough to sunbathe. Skiathos is also quite popular with the elderly wanting to escape from cold winters.

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