Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Where Can You Travel and Cruise During Winter?

If winter is not an agreeable season for you, you should be able to come up with any excuse to escape it. Are you planning for spending some quality time with your family? If so, getting out during the winter holidays to have a family tour can be really fun! Or are you deciding to take your wedding vows? Do it in the winter when you can ride away with your wedded lover from the snow and the cold for your honeymoon!

To run away from the winter blues, you can go take refuge in a tropical place with beaches and leisurely hammocks where you can sip your drink and pass the time under the sweaty sun. But before you make your decision, you have to see where it is you want to go and then decide on the means to travel. What can you do for the journey? Here are some tips and advice for your comfort:

o If you are crossing the border to reach another country, you have to go for air rides. And by air rides we mean only one thing: airplanes. Of course, you can also journey by ships, but that is very expensive and you will need a lot of time to reach the place of destination. Airplanes are still the most convenient and cheap and safe way to travel. Plus here, there is no chance to get sea sick.

o But if you are going somewhere within the state or a little farther away, you can as well as drive all the way with your family. But make sure that the route you choose is good for safe driving and that you take the necessary winter protections along with you. But car drives have a little bit of risks involved, like there might be a possibility of road accidents and you may often have to stay in a motel if the ride is long. That is why many people prefer airplane rides. But there are advantages and disadvantages in all the cases and that is why you have to choose carefully.

o Mainly people, who stay in the eastern and Midwest regions where it is very cold, travel a lot during winter. They generally look for respite from the biting cold and therefore often go down to the beaches for comfort.

o You can even go for cruises to some of the most exotic places in the world like Hawaii, Mexico and Caribbean and even the Orient. If you want to take the weekend off, you can easily make it to the Caribbean since it is not very far away. You can be there by Friday and come back home by Monday.

o But if you want to get away for the whole weekend, the perfect get away spot would be the islands of U.S.V.I where you can do snorkeling, visit historic sites and do shopping or just laze around in the beach.

o Winter cruises during September to December is considered to be off-season due to hurricanes that often occur during these times. That is why this time you will be able to cruise on a low budget. But if you are in trouble, the ship will immediately sidetrack and stay away from the hurricane's way to keep you all safe.

So what are you waiting for? Beat away the winter blahs by going out to the hottest destinations to spend the time with your loved ones. This will be fun, plus, where everyone else will be blue with cold, you would come back home with a gorgeous tan! Pretty impressive, huh?

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