Saturday, December 14, 2013

Top Travel Destinations Over Time

When many people travel, they try to learn about the history of the destination area. Learning the history of the early days and how the early settlers came from the old world to the new world is a fun educational experience. Traveling to 'old' and 'new' world destinations to learn how settlers and regions flourished is a great way to spend a vacation. If you are a history buff interested in taking a vacation into the past, below you will find a list of the top travel destinations over time:

New England / England: There are six states that make up historical New England. Some of the earliest European settlements in North America were established in New England. When visiting the region, you will view some of the oldest cities and historical sites such as the historic Plymouth Rock. You will also get to experience old England's history in New England's sites and architecture such as Boston College

New York / York: As one of the oldest and majestic cities in the US, New York is one of the most famous cities in the world. New York gets its name from a Yorkshire city. The two river cities, the Hudson and the Ouse, offer such cultural attractions as the Yorkshire Museum, Cathedral of St John the Divine, Carnegie Hall, Theatre Royal, The Met, and York Minster.

New Amsterdam / Amsterdam: In 1626, the settlement of New Amsterdam was established at the mouth of the Hudson River. A 17th century Dutch colonial settlement, many sites contain anglicised versions of Dutch words. For example, Coney Island was derived from "Konijn Eiland" (Rabbit Island) because of the once plentiful supply of animals. New Amsterdam is also an example of the beauty of multiculturalism.

New Jersey / Jersey: Over a century ago, Jersey Shore's Atlantic City was a fashionable resort. It now consists of piers and a boardwalk that contain wonderful amusements. There is a distinct Anglo-French cultural blend of the Channel Islands. New Jersey reflects its own unique charm.

Nova Scotia / Scotland: Derived from the word 'New Scotland,' Nova Scotia's Scottish heritage runs deep in the province. It has been documented as the first Scottish settlement in the Americas. It still has about 2,000 Gaelic speakers. As well, the region has its own provincial tartan which is recognized by Scotland. There is much to see and do in Nova Scotia.

New Brunswick / Brunswick: The "old" Brunswick is located in Lower Saxony, Germany. New Brunswick is the largest Maritime province. It received its name in 1784 in honour of King George III, the Duke of Brunswick. Its famous attractions include lighthouses and covered-bridges.

Newfoundland: Newfoundland is one of the oldest settlements founded by Europeans. The 16th century fishermen and whalers gave Newfoundland its name. Evidence has been found showing that Vikings settled in Newfoundland for a brief time around 1003AD. There is much history to explore in Newfoundland.

Traveling to 'old' and 'new' destinations is a great way to learn about the history of early settlers. There are so many places to visit, explore, and learn how settlers and regions evolved and flourished. Consider a historical destination for your next vacation. You will learn a lot while having a fantastic time making great memories.

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