Thursday, December 19, 2013

Kullu - A Great Place for Fun and Leisure in Winter

Kullu area in Himachal Pradesh is one of the most amiable and charismatic tourist destinations in India. Positioned on the banks of River Beas at a height of 1230 m, Kullu is one such destination where tourists can actually spot the real nature and mesmerizing views of the mountains and river valleys. Gifted with green carpeted hills, apple orchards, superb scenic assets, scintillating rivers, snow capped mountains, Deodar trees, distinctive flora and fauna, chatty mountain stream and ancient temples, which engross and fascinate travelers on their visit. Kullu Holiday Tour doesn't end here; the beautiful and crimson climate of Kullu in winter will hold you at this destination beyond your plans.

Know more about Kullu and its attractions by shedding some light on the below mentioned popular destinations:

Bijli Mahadev Temple

Offering spectacular views from the height of 2460 m above the marine level, this temple is visited by plenty of devotees every year. The Paravti valley and the surroundings of Kullu can be seen from the temple. The story of the temple is believed by every traveler who pays a visit to the temple. To reach here, you can either hire a cab or take a bus, which goes up to the close by Chansari village.


Situated about 20 miles from Kullu at a height of 1760 m, Manikaran is the holy place for Sikhs and Hindus. It is believed by lots of travelers that Goddess Parvati's earrings had fallen into the water when she was relaxing by the river with God Shiva, and made the water pure. The profusely flowing water is so hot; you can even make food in it. In addition to the sacred place, mountainous land offers incredible yet great trekking opportunities for the voyage lovers.


It is situated on the banks of Parvati waterway on the way to Manikaran. Divided into old Kasol and new Kasol on the sides of the bridge, the place has completely transformed into a hot spot, which is remained crowed with lots of tourists throughout the year. Here you can experience the natural beauty amid the green trees and scenic valley and lots of famed attractions. Moreover, food lovers can take delight in lots of flavors by visiting the restaurants situated on either side of the main way of Kasol.


Famous camping destination at a height of 1456 m, Kullu vacation is incomplete without visiting Raison, a destination situated among the orchards, greenery and valleys; making an enthralling spot for adventure can effortlessly reach here within 10 minutes by car or bus from Kullu.

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